Friday, 9 May 2008


New gear straight out of the box from Out of Step. We have re-stock of the ever popular messenger bags and back-packs in the heavy canvas in a variety of colours. New boards too for the weekend, we have the Jason Lee photo series and they look sick. Each one features a photo he's taken. Here are some photo's I've taken of one's he's taken that are now on the bottom of the board you are about to buy. Here are all 3 on the wall

This is the freight train photo on it's own..

The photo was taken in Benicia. Next up is one with a massive tree on it..

This one was taken in Yosemite. I went there once, it's a massive national park. The tree is a giant Sequoia. The size of these trees is phenomenal. My brother and myself saw a grizzly bear run through the camp site while we were there. Next up is the highway board..

This was taken on highway 58 near Bakersfield. A nice Californian selection on the wall though I suspect they won't be there for long. There's a great stock of Blueprint here now too including money melons for all you money melon fans out there. What's a money melon?

That's a money melon! High demand for these, they're only £3.50 so drop by and flick throuugh the colours. Talking of colours, I see a lot of colours in WC2. Some are pleasing to my eye and some more offensive. There's a lot of neon on the streets. I have some neon in my wardrobe but it stays under cover, socks for instance. these are rarely seen, the less said about that the better. Anyhow that is what we would describe as a flavour piece not the neon onslaught whacking the high street upside it's head right now. But it's cool! It's new! It's Nu-rave!
Know what suckers, nothing is new, meet your commander and chief. This guy hosted a choice kids show for those that don't know. It was all themed around a word association game where you couldn't pause or hesitate if you did you'd get a bash round the head like this, or like this! The one with the most bruises who loses!

Mallet was pretty funny and he had a lot of swatches. We're listening to this..

And it's really good!

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