Wednesday, 7 May 2008

HUF omissions

These beanies came too, they are super light weight and they're £19.95. They come in these colours..

The label looks like this..

We also received a nice framed picture from the kind folk at A4 with an Ed T drawing inside, it's on the wall..

Magee is away at the moment and he said he's got loads of sick footage of this guy..

Lebron is a bad man, I know Lev's backing me on that, look forward to seeing what Magee brings back. The summer is arriving and everyone is stoked on the weather, I am too but every time summer rolls round and always these next two weeks...this happens..

Hayfever sucks but it will be gone soon I hope. Howlin Rain at the Luminaire was a good time in spite of allergies. they look like this..

If you were to look at the screen before the stage which dated the image of them a little anyway you could have been watching the very same band 25 years ago. Hoppy and Sam Ashley were there too, Sam said it was like being at a gig in the film Almost Famous. I recommend seeing them if you get a chance.

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