Sunday, 20 April 2008

Wind it in Luigi!

There's new Diamond stuff in. Check it out. We have two hooded sweats. The Shine on print. The first one is a San Francisco giants colourway....the black and orange. Here's the front..

We brought you the rat acquisition yesterday, this picture has a gun acquisition from a Mobsters and Molls party many moons ago. It's merely being looked after. It's got a back print too..

They did a New York one too in the yankees and white. Danny chills in the hooded zipper with the kingpin hammer..

This has the same back print. Shine on....

Here's some of the gold dust I neglected to bring you yesterday from the Slam night.

These guys were loving it. It's quite possible that birthday boy was loving it the most!!

The Oasis set brought a serious strain on. A Cates board showed up. Showed you the Death team board covered in holograms. This is highly reflective too and has a Scanners graphic on it..

The man signed us the nose too! The Slam Playas are staying up this end. Come in and buy it, it's £39.95

It's yours, pay us a visit. Luigi just told me that DJ Cosmic Wind blew his mind!
Those bosses have been paying us visits. This guy was here first thing this morning! Gareth's been rocking the flameboy hat he found..

Last thing...word on the street is that....

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