Friday, 4 April 2008

Gifts in the post

Always nice when things show up through the letter box. I magine my surprise when this showed up!!

I thought it was some kind of bong because of the holes but after my friend Dan's investigation it was decided my gift is an incense holder. It smokes out of the mouth when filled with a joss stick. Jackson is particularly fond of him..

He will look nice on my window sill. I also got an ear flap hat as did Jensen, Magee, Baines and Colin Kennedy. Jensen also got a shirt. However the gifts arrived with no return address or letter. Thank you whoever you are, please get in touch. I also got these gifts from Jerome today

Another surprise, thanks very much I have a beer cover for the house and stickers for the collection, stoked! Other hot picks from the Shiner delivery are these Anti Hero playing cards..

Which are £5.95 and this Powell re-issue Ray Barbee board which is £69.95

We had a good visit from Joey Crack and Stella today and very shortly after this little pug showed up

As always the presence of a dog turned us all into morons..

As of tomorrow the photo's on the alley will be good quality thanks to the new camera Marshall got us, apologies for these, the pug wouldn't stop moving.
I only found out today what the toy Rory gave Rob for his birthday does. It's from the Spiderwick chronicles. I thought it just shone a red light but hadn't looked at it through the eye piece it comes with. If you look into the light through that you see a dancing pig!

The new Sidewalk is in and Jackson has a music check out, take some time out and come give it a read, here's him and Biggie..

Enjoy the weekend

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