Tuesday, 1 April 2008

April Fools day

Didn't get a chance to do a decent April fools either, told Jackson I was sick and needed to go home so I guess that counts sort of. I wish there were pots of paints falling on people or something exploding but I have a year to plan a good one now. No update yesterday, it was my day off, the internet was down at home and I went out skating.Hops, Charlie, Seth and myself had a private skate at an empty Playstation. It was fun and they were playing Jane's Addiction. I wanted to learn tail slides like this guy..

No such luck but it was worth a try. We got some new slam tees in and are expecting some others, guess who's backing them?

That's right the Yaptain! Sir Streetwear endorsing and modelling the new tees..

These are available in grey or white and are £24.95. Come and check them out, new designs will be dropping frequently. Damn the writer's strike, I have LOST withdrawal. Got this toy from Charlie on my birthday...

You push a button on the rock and he says "Hello my name is Mr Eko!" So sick! Without a LOST fix I sought entertainment elsewhere and started this

I'm a few chapters deep already and it's amazing so far. Nothing much I'm excited about at the cinema right now apart from Drillbit Taylor maybe. One thing that is exciting is that this comes out next year..

Hopefully it's not a let down. The story is too good for it to suck. Rorschach is the ultimate super hero!
Debating what to get for lunch now as always. I heard a rumour that an anonymous member of staff in a friendly neighbouring shop took down a large doner kebab, a packet of quavers, a Coke and a mars bar in one lunch time sitting. That's some heroic stuff! Not sure i'm going to match that today, could be the cheese baguette safety. Enjoy your light evening

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