Friday, 25 April 2008

The weekend..

has arrived for me. I'm going away tomorrow for a long weekend to Center Parcs with my brother. Can't wait, it's going to be a good break. Much of the time will be spent in the spa I imagine but i'm sure we'll carve out some time for the slides..

Unfortunately this means the alley may well be barren for a few days so apologies in advance go out to Vinyl Richie, Shier and all regular viewers. I may scope out possible uploading opportunities at the internet cafe there or I may remain horizontal in the spa instead and do it when I get back. The alley got a record amount of hits yesterday so don't let a little down time put you off, perhaps instead use that time recommending the blog to all your friends.
Toby's show at the store was a success as I expect the party which is going on as I type was too. Lots of people turned up and lots of beer got drunk, downstairs CBG productions, B block and NY revisited got a playout.

A later addition to the show was an amazing window sticker applied by Rob and Toby..

Toby has really gone to town in his most ambitious show yet, it's up for a while now and more shows are being planned for the coming months so hopefully there'll always be something of interest on display for you.
Jayo had some fun with the face in the hole website. Not sure if this is any good..

hahaha, it's Neil "Marilyn Manson" Chester and to sign off this post today..

Dan "Pinochet" Callow! Good right? He's made some more, I'll save them for a later date. Enjoy the weekend


Greenback said...

jakes alley turned out better than I could ever have imagined! Barton has sent me a lola picture for a shirt. Jakes alley colab me thinks!

. said...