Wednesday, 2 April 2008

It was the summer of 88...

Hot new colours just fell through the door in the popular summer of 88 tee. Seconds later our very own Stereo sound agent was modelling them in the alley for the alley...

4 days back from L.A and rocking the Lakers colours off the bat. The purple and yellow no brainer in the doorway of No 1 Neals yard. This is where the big deals go down.

The cheeky chappy reps the white/aqua colourway against the lovely lilac wall outside.

Black and white... Standard! So many people have been asking for this colour to come back in and now it has..

The last new colour is this green and white. This is the fresh summer piece. Toddy was a no nonsense model this afternoon, each shot, first go! He was a seasoned pro, unlike Derek Zoolander he is an ambi-turner. He is pictured here with the Stereo cruiser that was almost adopted by Charlie Young. Keep on the look out for a new mailing list only competition starting in the near future. You have to sign up to enter and stand to win Stereo goodies donated from Out Of Step distribution. These will be Olly Todd products and the question will be Olly Todd related so brush up on your Stereo sound agent knowledge here and you'll probably get the answer right first go.

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