Monday, 14 April 2008


That's what happened to your Garbage Pail Kid's if you brought them to my school. Any trades in the playground required a secret rendez vous. Why am I mentioning this? Trawling through old Garbage Pail Kid's images I found one that made me laugh a lot. It looked exactly like the pictures Rob draws of Charlie. Charlie draws ones of Rob, he makes him really lanky and gaunt and you can see his ribs. The ones Rob draws of Charlie revolve around him having a very big head and very small features. I found a Garbage Pail kid just like this but his name was Shrunken Ed. The thing about Garbage Pail kids is that every season any character released had two names! Imagine my joy when I found out that Shrunken Ed's second character name was.... good! I found this guy too..

and here's Rob's addition with a piece of microsoft paint work which made Rod into Rob..

Charlie is staying here right now!

Here's really near a wookey hole, don't ask! This is happening on wednesday and you have to attend. I'm not going to get there till a bit later on cos I'm going to a gig but i'm hoping not to miss the ukelele action..

..see you there. Have you ever experimented with coke and mentos? Why not? You can make rockets. Diet coke is the less sticky option, this is what happens when experiments go wrong!

See you on wenesday

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