Friday, 11 July 2008

Barry Norman has a deathwish

He doesn't really but that title links what I'm going on about today.
Okay the Barry Norman bit. My brother got home late last night and suggested the cinema. Two nights on the trot for me, we opted for something slightly less cerebral than wednesday night. This was the feature presentation..

I was thoroughly entertained and not challenged at all. Thrills and spills and a farcical plot, jackpot. Wesley Gibson played by James Mcavoy wears the same casio watch I have which stoked me out. Simple pleasures and all that. You can either pretend to be cool and hate films like this or suck up your pride and go and have a whale of a time. here's a trailer to get you hyped.

I had a nightmare the other night. My nightmares don't involve ghouls or monsters but are basically nightmare situations I live through in my sleep. Sometimes I am at work in my nightmares, I'm considering charging over time in these instances. This nightmare involved being stuck on a mono-rail with Danny Dyer, that was the nightmare. Woke up with a start, analyse that. A rather unorthodox package came through the door not so long ago from our friends in Chesterfield. What friends? Here's one of them..

That's right, Louie images for partner in crime Martin Kinelly I'm afraid. I do have an image of the unorthodox box I mentioned..

Deathwish product fresh through the door, want to see..

The lizard board is hot. So hot you'll be happy to know that I sold it in five minutes lads. Next up..

The jailbird is sick. Antwuan Dixon has an amazing part in the dvd too. This board is 7.75. What about Ellington?..

Keeping that GnR theme running with this appetite for death board. This is 7.625. All the shapes are really good, we have a Greco board too..

Marching hammers. I threw a real hammer in there for scale too (not included). This is 7.75. All the boards are £49.95 and as always include free tape. We got some other bits and pieces too..

You can order these from our online store. Judging by the instant sale, Deathwish will be here to stay on the wall. Buy the dvd it's banging!! For all things Deathwish check the distribution our friends have started..

Later on

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