Wednesday, 16 July 2008

It's a big wednesday..

"I like fights, I've dove through windows, I've eaten light bulbs, I like sharks, any kind of blood. If you gave me a gun, I'd shoot you in the face just to see what it looked like when the bullet hit." That's a quote from the film big wednesday. Why am I telling you this? Little tuesday is a project inspired by that film and they have a new offering for you. There's a slightly toned down version of masochism as seen from their world. Check it out here...

It is a big wednesday! Hope to see you here tonight..

Got into town early today, what could be album of the year made it into my pocket. Get out there and buy one..

I really like the Hold Steady, I know they aren't everyones cup of tea but you should give them a listen. At times it sounds like the E street band in full swing. Craig Finn's lyrics are some of the best I've heard in years. J Mascis plays banjo on one track. It's called "stay positive" and you really need to own it. The recurrent characters from their previous albums aren't about this time round but you should hang out with Charlemagne and the gang if you get the chance.
I actually asked Jackson what year it was earlier, it seems bizarre to me that it's 2008. I write the date down every day pretty much but occasionally you have a moment to think and it seems all wrong, like when you repeat a word over and over again until it sounds alien. I was writing down a date for next year, I think that's what flipped the balance. Who would have ever thought 2009 would be a reality, sheesh. There is a man downstairs decorating our wall with his work as we speak..

That man is Adrian Blanca. In between cups of tea and skate vid viewing he is inking his way across the wall and it's coming together nicely. I would post some in progress pics but I think that would be a spoiler in this case and I think you should really come along tomorrow night and check it out. Jackson got me a limited edition coke piece from Cafe no 1 earlier..

It's Russian apparently but as Dan pointed out it's more like Tony Montana is saying it. I recommend the cheese and chives filling from Cafe no 1 if you're on route to Fopp and fancy a snack, pick up a Scarface cola while you're at it. "Every day above ground is a good day." If you're looking for Neil Charlie, he's round here.

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