Thursday, 17 July 2008

Good humor is the health of the soul, sadness is its poison.

Why is that the headline? It's a quote from Lord Chesterfield. It's relevance? Loose. Apart from being a nice quote it ties in to the fact that we now have a Chesterfield sofa on the premises. What other skate shop furnishes it's many lurkers with this kind of comfort? The sofa was delivered last night by Badger and Toby. Let me tell you a story. We waited until after 7 to help carry our new center piece from the trailer to the shop. Henry and myself met Badger and Toby on Shorts gardens. It was going to be a realtively quick operation, bish bash bosh. Badger got to the back of the hired trailer and confusion set in. Pockets were checked, his vehicle was gone over with a fine tooth comb but no keys were found to open the back door. Briefly there was talk of drilling the lock. You can't write comedy like this. The eventual solution was to undo the long bolt between us and our quarry with an allen key, this was Toby's suggestion. I'm not sure you've enjoyed reading about this, I found it very funny. What does this sofa look like and where did it come from? It looks like this..

Unbelievable right? This may be the best point of sale item ever received in my tenure here. It's really comfortable and is here for a short time courtesy of our friends at Nike SB. The sofas were made for a booth at a trade show where the questionable skate trivial pursuit game was launched . It's based on the P-Rod high top which is coming out soon. The shoe looks like this..

Check the detail on the arms..

It's looking pretty fresh right now. I think it will be worn in in no time..

Rob is properly sponstored by es now and is always steady repping them even while reclining on the oddly es coloured Nike sofa. The +1 night was fun. So fun the only flicks I have are from very early on. Lev was running things..

Here's B to the illy..


The only other good image I have is of Dan's Cheshire cat steez..

Dan's brother Tom organised the shindig happening tonight. I'm not going to leak any pics, come and have a beer on us and es and see what Adrian Blanca has drawn for you. I'll show you the window..

The work is here for a month so if you can't make tonight definitely drop by and have a look.. A kid asked yesterday "can you tell me where there's a park". The obvious reply was "what a skate park?" Shocked the kids response was "no not a skate park, a normal park where I can eat a sandwich!" That was a good moment. Gloria Hunniford bought the Shut salami cruiser today, that's a stone cold fact. See you later for some tapas.

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