Tuesday, 29 July 2008

They used to have a lining...

...but it's perished! The sun is out and everyone is dusting off those shorts. Knocked the cobwebs off of mine yesterday for a Kent countryside skate mission which was a good time. If you're like myself putting on shorts will cause sock issues. I can't do the long sock, short combo which means tucking that sock back and over your heel. This means feeling like someone has bound your feet. If you want to avoid this issue and aren't backing ankle socks come by and pick up a pair of these bad boys..

They just came in, you could pick up a matching hat too if you feel like representing da erb to the fullest. "What you been doing?"... "bunning". I've decided to start sharing with you things which have been getting my goat. It frees up some head space I've found. Today's pet peeve is fathers who wield their buggy contained offspring like some kind of freedom pass. Congratulations you've pro-created, your charge is now to nurture and protect that little life not push it in front of oncoming traffic at the drop of a hat. The crossing lady/man's job was invented to protect children older than infants and that buggy doesn't come with a built in invincibility shroud. For some reason i've seen this happen a lot recently, it's some kind of young dad flaw. Therapy over for today. The majority of these incidents I have clocked around my neck of the woods. What do I see when I leave my station..

Standard. The youth wreaking havoc and trading ASBO's behind the kebab shop are probably doing so because of some kind of trauma incurred from their early buggy bound days. The taste of impending death at such an impressionable age could have pushed them over the edge. I feel like Victor Meldrew. The root cause is most likely their weed socks. Mr Dominic Marley AKA Marley G the Villain has been having his website re-vamped by Gorm. This should be up and running for your viewing pleasure in the not so distant future. If you need an immediate Marley fix you could pop by this boutique Rob stumbled across..

I'll give you the heads up when the real Dom world goes live. There's a web site called blacklodges that Gareth and myself have sporadically updated. My intention is to write a bit more for it, it feels like moonlighting. When i've written enough on the blog I'll direct you specifically over there. One thing of interest you should really check out is Don Pendleton's interview with Jason Dill. Interviews with him are few and far between. Have a read..


The boys are back in the barracks.

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