Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Royal mail..

...providing the alley post today. No brainer from my end. A day of gifts. First up a ghetto snack entry from Bingo! Thanks. Some trife confectionery. The package contained...

Turkish delight. My grandad used to love this stuff but I always hated it. He ran with the pieces deep covered in sugary flour stuff. This came chocolate covered. I tasted a piece and quite enjoyed it, with Dan's assistance it got taken down..

I like the font on this wrapper a lot. The second piece of Turkish delight I sent round to Ash with Charlie. Ash sent me round a rad cake I'm saving till after my lunch from patisserie valerie..

These things are good, Fos' favourite.Thanks Ash. Also in the Ghetto Snack entry from Bingo was this ominous tube with a good font again..

I tried a finger dabs worth as did Dan..

Tastes pretty good, a little like an old chocolate biscuit. We gave Charlie a taste, he laughed at the fat kid in the playground-ness of it. I began by saying you could only really have one taste but he had proved me wrong already and it found a happy home. I think this could be the best received Ghetto Snack yet. Keep them coming..


Send your ghetto snack contributions to :

The Ghetto Snack Judges
Slam City Skates
16 Neals Yard

The next postal surprise was this gem from Stuart at Revival. Again thanks very much...what a good thing..

This box (not your favourite bar) houses a new era and Transworld magazine collaboration to celebrate the 10th annual skateboard awards. The hat's pretty crazy as is the ornate cabinet it lives in..

The top of the cap has a griptape finish, the under visor has a wood finish and it is lined with old mag covers, have a look..

Pretty wild, thanks for looking out Stuart. Was about to sign off and then I glanced back and saw a book Alison dropped in for me yesterday..

Thanks, now I no longer have to select a novel to accompany me on my train rides. Phew, what an overwhelming day of surprise stuff. All of you out there reading, feel free to send in anything you think may brighten our day. Enjoy the weather we have been blessed with. Over and out

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