Wednesday, 23 July 2008


was my favourite when I was a kid, the Charles Schulz creation. Peanuts is the theme of today's Ghetto Snack entry. Alec dropped this by early this afternoon..

I was glad he dropped it in but the thought of it made me feel pretty ill, a Ghetto Snack's judge's stomach needs to be made of sterner stuff. Luckily enough there was a man at hand up to the challenge. Check the nutritional value on this Jamaican sucker..

Dan stepped up to the plate, he was unfazed by the nature of a peanut based drink..

Dan informed me that this was definitely Ghetto, possibly one of the most Ghetto entries. It was drinkable but wouldn't be top of Dan's snack list. It seems a lot of Ghetto snacks have hailed from Jamaica. Dan still tastes peanuts. Good work Alec, this is definitely a contender. A good piece of point of sale is in this week. Nike sofa last week and this week a nicely displayed box of Blind re-issue boards from the kind people at Dwindle...

Another good thing, keep this up and there will be interesting stuff absolutely everywhere, there's a great deal already. Adrian Blanca's show downstairs requires your attention. How many skate shops do you know with a Kimya Dawson doodle on the ceiling?...

Those of you down with Jake's Alley since it's inception may remember Alfie from an early post. He bought the Creature hacksaw board with the knuckle duster tail. Alfie is a good lad and a Rom local. Today was his birthday and he was treated to a new set-up..

Alfie got a banging set-up, the Cardiel bridge burner board, Cardiel Spitfires, Indy's and swiss. He's going to be flying around Romford in no time, happy birthday Alfie!. After Alfies Cardiel purchase more Cardiel product just came through the door. We have a handful of the emotional rollercoaster that is the Cardiel Epicly Later'd interviews on one disc. First come first served, it's a must have/watch..

Finally there's some bad news for the law abiding citizens of Gotham city..

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