Wednesday, 9 July 2008

New Album

Got the album artwork back for my debut solo project. More about that later. The Ghetto snack entry I mentioned yesterday made it's way to the shop today. It got a try out at 1.45 this afternoon. What was it?...

Dried meat, Teriyaki, thought Dan was going to be all over it. I convinced myself it was going to be like eating pepperami and had a go myself. Nothing to eat all day, this was the first thing I tasted. Dan was excited about it but described the experience as "like eating a meat jelly baby". I chewed and chewed and was then so overwhelmed by the bloody taste of iron I had to spit my meaty chew in the bin. I gaggged and then concerned there was nothing in my stomach and still with a mouth full of iron I rushed out and bought the opposite..

On paper this sounds good. That happy chef in the corner leads you to believe it would be too. Trust me it isn't. One thing I was sure of though was that this cardboard tasting pasty piece would neutralise the dry blood taste working it's way around my mouth. Neutralise it, it did. Taste good it didn't. By no means am I claiming this pasty was a ghetto snack as it came from a health food shop and cost too much, it served well as a ghetto snack antidote however. One can of Appletiser later the taste is gone and normal life has resumed. Thank you for this entry, it qualifies for sure but Dan who is the judge tailor made for any kind of meat snack was not backing it so I don't think it will make the winners stand. Keep those snacks coming.

Massey gifted me with this first thing. I was stoked on it, you may be too. Check out my new debut album cover..

I'll tell you how to get yours. Just follow these links and instructions....

The first article title on the page, no matter what it is, is the name of your band.

The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.

The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4: Combine all three elements in your photo editing software and voila there is your album. This is Massey's cover..

That one wins out. Have a go yourself, if you're stoked on it send it in. Massey's real band Ghostcat will be playing at the next Document +1 night....

That's him with the long squeaky legs in the corner. It promises to be a good night. To check out the new issue of +1 come in and buy the latest document we just had in, Silver Jews, Wolfboy and French all in the +1 supplement. Slam team rider and wednesdays folding champion Rob Mathieson all up and switch pole jamming in the mag proper as well as our now Stateside team rider Olly Todd with a picture accompanied by a story. Hopefully he's enjoying some R and R over there away from that pesky party which courses it's way through London's veins and experiencing less nights of insomnia. Buy the mag, read the story, order Wolf's book, make your debut album cover and drop by to sample some jerky.

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