Monday, 28 July 2008

Everyday is like sunday

I wish it was, sunday was amazing. First of all it was the best weather. The Wilson, myself and my brother got to Clapham and decided to pick up some food before we entered the main event. Having got some money out what do we see?...Bodean's... Gunshot! I got the chicken burger fail safe and watched my companions annihilate some ribs. I also tested out some shrimp, I've never really liked sea food but it seems I like shrimp and prawns a lot. Walking onto the common we came across this..

It seems quite a few people were already getting juiced. We got inside and the first thing I saw was this massive slide..

There were things to look at everywhere. We investigated. Pimm's was purchased from the Pimm's double decker bus. Some toe wrestling was viewed and ice cream was sampled. Ben and Jerry's ice cream cones were free all day. Different flavours filled different tents. For some reason unbeknown to me I only tried three flavours all day. I'm backing chunky monkey. There were guys air guitaring in one area all day, how they didn't collapse i'll never know. Jerry, one half of the Ben and Jerry's empire welcomed everyone over the mic which was nice. Stands for good causes were positioned all over the place. It seemed like we only just got there and the Lemonheads took the stage. I only have one really good picture for the alley but I think it is worthy..

Evan Dando took the stage and they launched into their set. After the second song Dando threw his sunglasses on the floor and revealed their intentions to play the "it's a shame about Ray album" not just the material but in the order it appears on the record. What a treat. They played the lot. Not quite the lot but Mrs Robinson is not a favourite of theirs. The tracks they followed the Ray album with more than made up for that one omission although it would have stoked me out if they'd played Luka.. It was an hours set, they seemed happy to be there. At points it looked like Evan Dando was on another planet, I'm sure that is just a look though because it was a confident performance. It was great to see them in the middle of a sunny day and be as close as we were. Five or six people back from the front but without any jostle factor. I didn't even need the toilet. After their set, all calls for an encore firmly denied by the organisers we wandered off and found ourselves in the farm enclosure. There was a gigantic turkey..

This weird looking guy was in a pen filled with all sorts... Hamsters, chickens, rabbits, geese. There was no doubt who was the top boy in my mind. Wherever this horrendous red neck wobbled other creatures fled. Here's the rabbit..

who stayed firmly positioned between two bails of hay. My favourite character in this pen was this sad looking grey bird..

It looked fairly unsure of itself. This area had it's own appeal. There was a goose standing on one leg on top of one of the highest hay bails. Due to the burly nature of Deebo the turkey however petting was not encouraged so we moved on to the next..

This pen was filled with goats, cows and sheep. The goats were tearing bags of feed out of childrens hands left right and centre. The two cows were oblivious, one was lying down the whole time but it's pal did a lap and we all got to stroke it. It's calming being close to animals, makes you feel privileged. The day beforehand we were privileged by the presence of a doberman. He was a formidable size and only two years old, at one point he bowled downstairs and an un-prepared Rob was faced with him. Everyone gave him a pat on the head and he was most civilised just a little intimidating. One customer's little boy was fascinated and got to give him a pat too. The doberman about faced and looked towards his owner. His short tail was bobbing about and Dan and myself found this amusing. Often we find the very same things amusing, often they are fairly juvenile. The little boy was obviously on the same wave length and I'm sure at his eye level it looked like a little nose waving about, he was laughing too. The shocker was when he quickly reached out with both thumbs facing forwards aiming just below the tail. That's right those thumbs were heading straight for the balloon knot! The crisis was averted when his father swiped him away. Stifling the hilarity was hard work but we got to enjoy the moment afterwards. Nothing half as funny happened at this pen although I did see a little girl fall through the railing reaching for a cow. Having seen the Lemonheads and the animals we made a move. On route I found some ghetto refreshment..

Likkle bigga! Had to buy it, best name in soft drinks. It mentioned pineapple on the back but funnily enough it tasted like cherryade. Very sweet but worth a go. Where's it from?...

You could do a lot worse than sampling one of these. Fruitily refreshed there was one more pit stop. I've been excited for months about the new Batman installment. I'm not going to ruin it, go and get your cinema tickets, I'd see it again..

There were no complaints. Go and swap your Sheckles for nearly three hours of pure entertainment. It was monday when I started writing this, now it's tuesday and I'm still telling you about sunday. We have some catching up to do.

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