Saturday, 19 July 2008

"es I guess!"

The Adrian Blanca show was a great success on thursday night. Lots of heads showed up and enjoyed the show, the beers and the tapas. Adrian drew throughout the day. Rob caught him in his natural environment..

The shows he has been touring have all gone really well. I got the feeling he was enjoying his time here, in between the three days of drawing the intricate piece on the wall downstairs he got to zone out on some skate videos. I watched most of beer slave with him. The shows coincide with the shoe collaborations being released. Here's one of them..

You can see some of the other shoes in this picture of Adrian at work..

This picture gives you some kind of idea of the scale of the painting he took on..

Once the painting was finished the show began. We enjoyed Estrella which reminded me of every trip I ever took to Barcelona. We also enjoyed tapas whilst playing with Gorm's skate trivial pursuit cards. Here's some tapas..

and here's some more..

The third plate along on the left hand side housed the tapas banger. Patatas....err basically omelette on toast, really good. I'll show you my favourite framed picture of Adrian's..

There's a lot of work downstairs, you should really come and have a look. Everybody left beered and fed and on to other events around the city. After most of the debris was cleared we went out for a meal celebrating Adrian's successful show courtesy of the kind people at Sole tech. We took a cafe Pacifico piece and it was really good..

This is what I went for..

A combination of one roast beef taco, one chicken enchilada and one cheese quesadilla, garnish of guacamole and sour cream, served with rice and beans.

It was very good, Covers all the bases too. Thanks very much to Tom Henshaw and everyone at Sole Tech who made this event possible and for their help in it's smooth operation. Here's to many more successful shows in the future. It wouldn't be a saturday afternoon post without a photo of Neil would it?

He's enjoying a buffalo chicken burger as we speak/type/read. Viva Neil Young!

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