Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Injury book

So far our book has one entry, Seth's hurt back from yonks ago when the rail collapsed. I'm tempted to put my gripe in there today. I was just serving a customer downstairs. There was a kid next to me trying some shoes and standing on his new board, mid sale the kid falls off backwards, pure Mr Wilson style. the board flew straight up and into my knee. I gritted my teeth. "He's a beginner" his mum said. That's okay then, my knee and me are fine with that. Sustaining skateboard injuries at work is not my top priority. Moaning over, what do I have for you today? Alley content today is mostly gathered from my immediate surroundings. These were in my purple man bag which Jackson borrowed..

The old trusty bone ranger binocs. They accompanied me to Springsteen the other week when I was in the stands, thought I'd share them with you. My dad's friend Clive gave them to me when I got into secondary school. This old Simon True picture was on the wall for the longest time..

Four members of the old guard. Tommy Cockles.. AKA Tickler ..AKA Nick Taylor. Death AKA...Angel of death AKA..Seth. Tech Deck Finch is Greg Finch obviously and Obi Wan Cushaway is magical Dave Cushaway who held it down up here and downstairs for a long while, he comes complete with light sabre. I spent a long time looking for Rob's picture of a newer Slam massive but it is missing still. Also behind me is Dan's new entertainment device. Have a look..

Meet little Dave. This 2gb piece used to retail at £100 but Dan picked him up for £30 on Tottenham court road, reports are back that it is loud and does the job. I got Jackson's phone in to give some idea of scale. This is an in-joke, it is based around Jackson's phone being the size of a calculator, apologies. What else is behind me? These are the last of the Slam badges we had made..

They are £3.95. There are new Slam shirts in!!! The popular bear safe tee is back, the rats tee is back and the Paternoster tee is too. They are the most asked about re-licks but there are two new ones..

This Rejoice one is in, photo courtesy of Henry Kingsford as was the Paternoster one. Also new in is this one with the S..

Jethro Haynes did this one for us, my favourite part is the sunset but the magic mushrooms have proven to be popular. Come in for a closer look. Jethro keeps it busy like Richard Scarry. Two brand new shirts and more on their way, keep your eyes open. I bid you good day and leave you with a joke left over from the ice cream Dan enjoyed yesterday..

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