Friday, 25 July 2008

Chosen subject?

Hardware! If that's what floats your boat or you're simply in the market for some new stuff this weekend we have something for you. New boards and other bits and pieces are in and live on the site. One thing that is always in high demand at the weekend is soft or large wheels for the cruise factor, We made sure you have a good pick this weekend. Some Dogtown ones..

These have been in and out a few times as have these..

The zipzingers have been sought after, both sizes are back in black. We have Powell wheels..

We also have the Ricta clouds in all sizes and some OJ's..

If you're not in the market for some oversized bouncy wheels and just want some regular wheels we have a full clip of Spitty's..

Those pictures get you juiced? Not as juiced as the free Cardiel dvd you haven't picked up yet. Another dvd in is Kev Parrot's Savoir Faire..

You should come by and pick up both of them. Alfie, star of wednesday's post sent me a thankyou card this morning. Check it out..

What a good lad, cheers Alfie. The creature hacksaw themed card even has serrated edges. Good use of the quiet life tache, hope you're enjoying that Cardiel board. If you send in your address we'll send on one of the Cardiel dvd's presuming you haven't got hold of one already. I found these this morning and liked them..

These folky looking pictures were scratched by Rob. He used the black imageless polaroids Michael J Fox's busted camera spewed out. Hope that paypal misdemeanour gets re-imbursed Mike or you get that invention patented and send the seller a sock in the kisser down the phone. Good news is Rob made these pictures. Another creative in our midsts is good lad and resident Aussie Paul Brabenec. Two Slam shirts he did for us turned up in a box just now hot off the presses. One with purple..

The same shirt is available but with a black screen over the top..

These are in and ready for you to purchase so pay us a visit. Ever had a couple of beers on an empty stomach and experienced unprovoked rage and a false sense of invincibility. Charlie Young coined a phrase for this phenomenon and is making a fim based on it's premise..

Enjoy the weekend, don't let the Van Damme get the better of you

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Hola!, como va?, muy bueno este Blog, esta barbaro, voy a seguir pasando,cuando quieras pasa por el mio, saludos!! que andes barbaro