Friday, 4 July 2008

Bits and bobs

A few good pieces of media greeted me this morning. Always stoked when I see Concussion is back on the counter..

Whilst looking at this Sugar showed up. Brophy has a bunch of good stuff in it, this is my favourite picture, a frontside bluntslide...

Hops has been doing some days recently, in honour of that here is a picture of something which was created in honour of his escapades. Additions have ceased, it replaces Pizzers harem..

Some nugget based artwork Rob has brought to the shop, these ears have been around for a while..

But this guy is a day old..

I found this old picture in the computer. Went to a house party in Watford with some friends and this is how my board looked in the morning. No idea how I skated this, no way I could deal with it now..

Rob came across another vintage photo of Lev at Viccy benches, switch back nose blunt. Best shoes ever..

The ceiling downstairs has some serious signatures on it. Next time you're in you should have a glance up there. Anyone who played a show down there or passed through wrote their name up there. Stevie Williams and Marcus McBride are the only skateboarders to my knowledge who've signed it. This is my favourite signature..

P J Harvey, wish I'd been here for that show. Her new album is really good by the way. Finally re-inforcing Jackson's news post is this flier for an exhibition coming up in here..

See you over the weekend

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