Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Four thousand holes in Blackburn Lancashire

Still have some media to bring you from our Kent countryside festival experience. Here's the one picture I took of Neil..

Granted it's off the screens, not a bad image though.I have a better Neil Young picture though...

Get it...NEIL (Baron)(Charlie) YOUNG! pretty good, i'm all white you all white? Stoked on the Slam repping, white is a bad choice when the little one is eating strawberries. Thumbs up from Neil, a good day was had by all. Should have got a crew shot really, hindsight is a bitch. At least there's a few photos and adequate coverage of such an event. I got a package delivered by Satoru from Daisuke the other day. I'll take you through my gifts...

Pretty sick. Didn't really get the full impact of the mini airzooka but the u.v pen has been causing hilarity. We broke it out..

This was the test press, I would have taken a picture of a blank piece of paper but you are going to have to trust the page was blank before the UV light was shone on it. have a look..

Rob is drawing all over everything. Daisuke sent a Japanese hip hop cd too. I was enjoying it but it was edited by my colleagues. Somehow there's a reggae cd on now instead, i'll have to enjoy it at home on my newly discovered itunes entertainment centre. This is the cd..

He sent a shirt in a box too. Here's the box..

The model in the corner wouldn't really work as a selling point for me, broken out of the cannister the shirt is sick..

A loop the loop and a doo doo in the corner. Danke schon Daisuke! One gift that never made the alley was a Born in the usa cassete from Tia which winged it's way here from the states. A heavy gift seeing as it's the best album ever and I believe the first incarnation of it she owned. Think mine is a copy dad made me. When my room is sorted out i'll give you some hot picks from the cassette vaults, I know you can't wait. While I think of it talking of overseas a certain lumpy uncle of mine who recently returned to his residence abroad from a short sojourn here is MIA. If he's reading this which I hope he is can he contact his sister who is wondering how he is. Never used the alley as a platform for family relations, hope it's appreciated. Apparently the aforementioned uncle littered my grandmothers house with flowers, what a rascal. There is a new Nissan ad out..

Why am I telling you this. Rob's in it, look again

It's an ollie/switch ollie spun 180/360. You can tell it's him because he got his favourite Habitat t shirt in there. I think he made it away from that paint and over the cone. Good news in, Rebecca Mason from West London has a ghetto snacks entry for us tomorrow. Would have been today but it's in my jacket at home. Also at home is the Jakes alley main frame I have the use of thanks to Lars. I haven't introduced you yet. This is where the blog sourcery occurs..

Waiting for lunch. Jackson worked off a weeks Bodeans marathon like this..

Phew, see you tomorrow. Check out the blueprint blog for the first jake's alley post too..


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