Saturday, 5 July 2008


Charlie took an extended lunch break today to attend some kind of pug event. Pug owners meet up and compare animals, I guess you could call it a pug crawl. He has a good video of two pugs ruckusing but I'm having technical difficulties uploading so you'll have to wait. Here are some pictures instead, here's a whole crew..

Here is Patty the pug who Charlie accompanied to this event. Patty is Amy's canine..

Here's one more gang shot. I'm feeling the floral jacket one is rocking. I don't think the Labrador butt sniffing away in the background knew this was a pug only bash, I'm sure he would have been ejected. I'm not sure if they have bouncers at these things...bouncers get it? Neighbours? Blond lab on Ramsey st? Why do I bother..

Okay that's the dog nonsense you've all been waiting for. here's some sweets I gave Rob this morning. Not only do these bad boys pop, they change colour..

I remember when I first had popping sweets years back, I couldn't believe it. Seem to remember it being called space dust. Research confirms my memories, it was also called cosmic candy. Rob is going to be a bizarre confectionery guineau pig in the coming weeks. he has volunteered to try whatever I bring in. This was his first assignment and he boshed the lot!

The dust began orange and then changed colour, check the radioactive hue it became..

Due to the alley cam spending much of it's life in the shop only certain people never get a look in. Manc Dan and Tom have promised pictures so look out for them in future. The camera made it to pug fest so maybe it will enjoy further excursions. The reason I'm banging on is because Will makes it into this post. Dan did some sticker doctoring and made this limited edition Will Harmon decal using only a Modus sticker and a Harmony one. I leave you with his handiwork..

On this day in 1865 the Salvation army was founded in the East end of London. On this day in 1946 the bikini was introduced in Paris France. Today is also Huey Lewis' birthday. Happy birthday Huey!


chas one said...

What about the "Magee is satan" sticker?
Is that still there?

Jakes Alley said...

It is indeed, definitely deserves some air play