Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Archives and Nike SB

..from the depths we bring you a forgotten ad courtesy of David over at the Harmony

Hope you enjoyed looking at that, we enjoyed these thirty two boxes of Nike SB turning up..

Good news is that we have loads of new shoes for you. These will be available for you here or check them out online here:


All those boxes are un-packed and the shoes are on display..

Those images are better quality than the usual camera phone alley fodder I hear you say. That is because Marshall who is committed to the quality of the Alley has given us the use of a new camera. It's a Samsung L730 and it's sick. You will have a better definition of picture on your favourite blog in the coming months. Still enjoyed the comedy of taking a picture of the new camera with the old camera

That disturbing collage piece was made to adorn Charlie's birthday present...see those SB fiends among you reading this soon.

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The Knife said...

You feeling that R.Dukes one? Got some more old Slam bits too.

Where's The Harmony link at?