Friday, 8 August 2008

"Are you coming to Will Fest?"

I'm not no but Luigi is apparently. John Joe from Shiner came by to show us Independent and Spitfire stuff. Luigi got ivolved. I wasn't going to put it on, thinking he may receive some derision. He had a look on the camera and said "you can put it on, my muscles look good. Some girl may see it and say-he's alright!" Whilst asking Rob to feel his muscles he said "see that's why I like that picture, I look bulky. That's why it's going to be my profile pic!" Maybe he'll be rocking his new look to Will Fest...

I told you about my bird dropping experience, it seems the same thing happened to Rob that day after a string of misfortune involving money and carrier bags. It's a phenomenon, it's like Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" except they're ganging up to defecate on us instead of pecking out eyes. Saul dropped in some other confectionery other than the twinkie we sampled the other day. An exotic drink coincided with the arrival of a fridge. Rockstar gave us the fridge for Wednesday's Big Push premiere. Here's the fridge..

One of these kid's is not like the others. See the drink I took down lurking? It's Slurm!

The fridge cooled it nicely. I was expecting a gloopy bright green liquid to greet me, a tasty Ecto-plasm. What was it? Red Bull basically, even the can's the same shape. In the words of Partridge "they've re-badged it you fool!" Slurm is a drink taken from Futurama, it is a secretion from a giant worm called the Slurm queen. "I'm not driving a mini metro, I'm not driving a mini metro!" I bet the slurm they drink in Futurama is not Red Bull. This is a great treat for Futurama heads I'm sure. We'll break out Saul's last treat tomorrow. I watched the latest Harold and Kumar installment yesterday. See it! It's hilarious!

Neil Patrick Harris does a load of mushrooms and sees a unicorn. Doogie Howser is still killing it after all these years. "Do they still have unicorns in England?" My memory sucks as to who asked this question but if you know who it was.. answers on a postcard please. This was a real question from a real American. Have fun at Will Fest

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