Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Kill your television

Rob brought my attention to something recently. I'm not a TV watcher really. I like the box sets that have improved my quality of life but I like filling my time with specific things to watch not just allowing the TV set to make those decisions. Shows like X factor and Big brother aren't things I'm really familiar with. Rob showed me a clip and then I saw a snippet of the X factor show the next night. I can see the appeal, this is hilarious..

..Yeah mon! For all of you out there with luggage issues we have new bags. These are the best ones, my school books filled the very same bag. This padded Pak is £34.95. We have six colours..

The Wyoming is a similar sack but with a leather bottom. This is £44.95 and we have four colours in though I have only photographed one for you on the Chesterfield. They are all available on the site..

This handy little feller is only £24.95. What a good size for a messenger bag..

Do you remember I showed you that picture of the Spanish basketball team in controversial poses for an ad at the Olympic games? The Argentinian women's football team has done the same thing..

Surely they must have known it would not make them very happy. New Deathwish product came through the door..

Martin and Louie came through again. The DVD is back, you need to own a copy, keep your eyes peeled for "Ravenous" too. Martins video should be out soon, it has an impressive roster. More info as we have it. Along with our hardware selection was a Slugger personalised Ghetto snack..

Yes Louie! The pot noodle is never to be under-estimated. Possibly one of Britain's finest Ghetto Snacks and this from what I can glean from the colours beneath the black paint is one of their best flavours. Chicken and Mushroom... Gunshot! This will get taken down at some point soon no doubt, always a handy fail safe lunch option. There's slug art on the lid too..

If you go to the Slam City Skates home page and look down the centre column you will see a new arrival at the bottom. It's the Quick time logo with a Slam City Rat on top and it looks like this..

Give the rat a click and it will load up the promo vid you saw at the end of our lookbook in your I-tunes. Now you can watch the video on your I-pod-sound good? Get clicking. That's our gift from us to you today. I received a good gift from Dan yesterday. Ever get flustered looking for a pen when you really need one? You don't if it's attached to your keys! I have a Sharpie accessible at all times now. Mine's a purple one. The first time I saw one was on Magee's keys. Here's a flick of both of them anyway as i know you're interested. The handy looking bunch with a Star Wars key ring belong to me, the others are Magee's..

Can't beat a good piece of stationery

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P-Diddy meets Rick couple,one of the funniest things ever.....