Tuesday, 19 August 2008

"We are the theatre, they are the people..

..dressed up to be seated, lookin' upwards and dreamin'. We're the projectors. We're hosting the screening. We're dust in the spotlights we're just kinda floating" The Hold Steady Rough trade instore was amazing. The sound was great and they put on a sick performance. It wasn't a walk on, three songs and off, it was like a mini gig and it actually felt like being at a gig towards the end of the show. In no way was it half arsed either, Craig Finn gave it his all. They were thoroughly convincing and I like them even more now than I did before. I can't wait for the roundhouse show. Their records are great but their live sound kills it and some songs that weren't necessarily my favourites make so much more sense live. Here's what you do, follow the link below and buy any item that shows up. While you're looking at the site check out the list of in-store shows coming up. The Breeders are doing one!


If you haven't done so already, check the links on yesterdays post to see our new Look book and the banging new prom video. This has been out there a day and is already being talked about, we're glad about how well it's been received. I know you can't wait for the Jake's Alley shirt. It'll be in here soon. One thing we've missed is stickers. Don't worry they're back in the drawer..

New colours, the white 3D flip around is a good look. The standard gold and silver ones are back in too. A small box of Spitfire stuff showed up. Two zip hoods and a trapper hat..

There's a new era..

..and a mesh. The red, white and blue is pictured but there's an all black too..

..left over evidence of Friday's misdemeanours..

..Purchased on the merit of having the best name in the fridge. Having a vino free tuesday night I think, just me and the Sopranos

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