Friday, 29 August 2008

Forever bother the Italians

That's what FBI stands for according to John Gotti in the film Gotti. I watched the best part of it yesterday and you should too. It's peppered with characters from the Soprano's too..

I had a little run in with the feds on the way back from the Slam night which was amazing by the way. The lady told me my pupils were dilated hence the search. If drinking since seven o clock hadn't dilated them maybe the dark and the fact that they're brown anyway could have given that impression. Always nice having somebody look through all of your pockets for twenty minutes when you're miles away from home. Henry brought us all a good gift back from Revival today..

Takes me back to school days and reminds me of watching Inspector Gadget for some reason, so does Jelly though. Michael J Fox enjoyed his. Imagine having a breakaway for the first time! Never a dull moment in here. We have a good little drop of Landscape and Heroin stuff in having had an absence of them for a while now. The wall looks like this..

One we haven't had in is the Heroin everything board. It has mini versions of most of the old graphics. That's it on the top row, the second and fourth board along. It comes in three sizes and the top has a little thank you note on it from Fos. Have a gander..

Have you ever visited 48 blocks? Why not? Click below and have a look around. There's loads of interesting stuff on there, good interviews. The good folk over there have linked up the latest Hold Tight London episode Henry just put out. Think of this as a double link, visit the 48 blocks and click on the London Calling link to check that out..

Here's a good image to leave you with. Taken by one of Earth's nicest human beings Max. It's our favourite wally doing a Wallie. Charlie Young relies on his own two feet to get air born where civilians cash in tickets to do the same thing. Wallie to flat outside JFK..

See you over the weekend.

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