Thursday, 7 August 2008

Come bust a move where the games are played, it's chill, it's fresh, it's Noah's Arcade.

The Big Push premiered in the shop yesterday night. It was a big success. Thanks to James and TJ at Carhartt and to Jackson's level headedness this was the first one of it's kind. The video was showed upstairs and downstairs. Both floors were full and I'm pretty sure everyone got a good view. Mike and myself carried the wall mounted flat screen from Carhartt which was no mean feat. Some teething problems occurred but were overcome, it was nearly shown in black and white and without sound but all was alright on the night. I enjoyed what I saw although it was from a headache inducing side angle. Looking forward to seeing it properly, there was a lot of clapping and the Rockstar energy drinks depleted a worrying amount.
A few beers went down around the corner and then I headed back home. I said goodbye to Nugget and picked up this salad box I like. It's called fire burst salad, it has carrots and rice and a chilli dressing, they sell it in Marks and Spencer's. I finished that and drank a bit of my litre and a half bottle of fizzy water. Why a litre and a half? The litre and a half bottle is 38 p and the 500ml one is 90! Retarded. Some guy who was waiting for the same train as me offered me a cigarette and was talking to me. Plop! A heavy weight on my jacket, I look down. A massive bird poop, bright white with a muddy green centre right on my arm. Like someone had emptied a dollop of oil paint onto me. It was on my fore arm. I was cursing the occurrence. We discussed it being a sign of good luck which of course is ludicrous. As I pondered my misfortune and patted down pockets for any tissues Plop! Another weighty white and green lump hits my shoulder. I found tissue and managed to rid my jacket of the excess leaving it with two nice white smudges. I located the offender in the rafters and considered launching 38 pence worth of sparkling water it's way but thought better of it. Two days previously another crafty pigeon launched an attack on Jackson hitting him in the groin area. Jayo sent me a picture but I can't locate it. It's been years since i've been the victim of an aerial assault, the funniest one apart from when my old friend Fungus got one on the head was when Massey was outside the shop and he was talking about how stoked he was on this new black shirt he had on. No sooner had he said it than Blap! White muck dribbling down his shoulder! I guess we're all real lucky guys.
Look to your right, scroll down until you see tweaker zine. Click on it and enjoy the new issue. Jackson appears twice undaunted by pigeons. Henry Kingsford shot the cover photo of Nick Jensen, it's a banger! Ray sent me these photo's of some ghetto snacks he encountered whilst in Barcelona. Homegirls! It's all that apparently...

The Homegirls counterpart next. Chumpies!

Also in the rap snacks range. Not sure these would win out for me as far as an MC affiliation goes..

But the flavour sounds good, more informative than the flavour flavour claim on the chumpies. No sampling was done however. These snacks were taken down by this man..

Mr Bowman who could have been wearing that very outfit ten years ago at Fairfields. We've had a good couple of visits from John Rattray in the last few days too. More nonsense for you tomorrow

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