Tuesday, 12 August 2008

"What are you? Bionic?"

"No, I only like the ladies!" Go and see this film it's very funny..

I saw Walk Hard for the first time last night too and that was very good. I had a good image for you from our drive to Leigh on Sea yesterday but Bluetooth is playing up on my phone. I'll show you it tomorrow. An attempt was made on my phone on the way home on Sunday but the attempt was thwarted. Thanks to four local youth's and uncanny timing from my dad our evolutionarily challenged friend relinquished the phone, maybe he broke the Bluetooth. Got another good day in yesterday with Dan and Jonny L thanks to Dom's plan. Another trip to the coast. We had fun skating a ditch and finally the park and this time round the journey ended with one of these..

...Gunshot! Of course I mixed the flavours! See you tomorrow

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