Sunday, 10 August 2008

Baker Baker Baker

There's been a good couple of visits from Graham this weekend. He's been on top form and has enjoyed the free Rockstar energy drinks we have in the fridge. Towards the end of yesterday he was excitable and I jokingly told him to go and stand in the bin. It's the naughty step equivalent, it was my old Maths teacher's standard punishment. I spent a few lessons stood in the bin. That guy was the worst teacher ever. Anyway I threw this joke out there and guess where Graham ended up...

He left us with this joke. "How many old school skaters does it take to change a light bulb?" The answer is four. "One to change it and the other three to listen while he tells them how much better the old one was!" I went to a transvestite night last night, I think it was the gay olympics. You think I'm joking. Jeffrey Lewis was there. You think I'm joking. Stone cold facts kids! The night I went to was at the Macbeth. Last time Jackson was at the Macbeth the groundwork for the most recent banging Podcast was put down. Get downloading, if like me "Shook ones" runs through your mind every time you enter a room this is the mix for you Click the link below, check the track listing and listen away. Again and again!

Have a good Sunday evening/Monday morning

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