Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Jake's Back!

That's not really my back but I am back. Camping was amazing. We skated every day and kept our spirits high in the midst of a muddy field. I'll try and tell you more about it later, there hasn't been time today with a constant influx of custom, madness and deliveries. We did have a fire..

..made out of a bar stool and a van full of cardboard. That fire nearly got us in a lot of trouble. There's time to bring you one more picture of Dan in the van before I fill you in on the vans we have..

A more informative report will follow. Loads of Vans greeted us today on top of what came before the weekend. Here's the wall..

See that white centre piece gleaming? That's the 106. This shoe was popular last time we had it and it flew out. We have three colours and good sizes and it's £34.95..

The half cab is the most asked about. Here's a grip of them..

There's a re-lick in some of the chukka lows as well as a new colour in the era and I thought I'd give you another picture of the blue skate mid because I really like it..

Our web lord is currently away skating his little socks off, the baton has been passed. This means that these shoes aren't going to be hitting the site straight away. If you fancy picking up any of these shoes and can't pay us a visit then give us a call on 0870 420 4146. One of us will answer and get them sent ASAP. If you just miss Jackson however you need to get yourself down to tomorrow's Slam City Skates and Document +1 night. Get yourselves ready for some new Worthless material, you aren't even ready..

More Vans stuff before I go. These shirts lasted five minutes last time. The AV plaid..

..and also the AV flannel..

If I don't see you here for this stuff I'll see you tomorrow night. When the hours are less taut for us sitting ducks over here there is a bumper crop of Alley goodness headed your way. Stay tuned

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