Friday, 1 August 2008

Chairman of the board

There's a lot of new boards in for you this weekend. I'll treat you to a look. These amazing re-issue graphics Stereo have put out and also Clint Peterson's bottle cap collection..

We've kept another 5boro board on the wall..

There's a Krooked re-lick. I like the Jason Adams stencil Gonz board..

Rob will be stoked these Habitat boards have come in..

Plus we have the Gall jersey devil and this Molinar..

There's a good Alien selection. If I rode a skinnier board that Kalis would have my name all over it..

Last but by no means least are these boards from Anti-Hero..

We had a good Burrito stop off today..

Good old Jagger. He knows how to mix business with pleasure this guy. Jagger's in the market for a new board, he needs a big one. I had 3 photos of Jagger which Henry shot but I chose this one. It's the wobbliest. I took a photo of the under carriage of a set up a kid had the other day. I liked the colours, they reminded me of the 80's especially with Joey's wheels..

Found this in the paper the other day..

I was more annoyed that he was sweating MY look. Shier and Baines are on the Berrics this week.

They're on Reda's wednesday installment. Good to see Baines rocking the Slam shirt on there. Keep your eyes peeled for a horrific lighter holster. View the clip here...

Thank Crunchie.

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