Tuesday, 26 August 2008

"Don't pray for rain if you are going to complain about the mud.”

Well we certainly weren't praying for rain. The rain which did fall this past weekend made a mire of the field we slept in that's for sure but it did it's falling at night. This made for a gloopy journey out of the camp site but didn't stop skateboarding happening each day. The vans had to be pushed a handful of times but surprisingly nobody Mr Wilson'd up and back into a mud puddle. Our very own Mr Wilson did fashion himself a moustache for a brief while though..

... complaints had flooded in about an itchy beard so Steve lent him some clippers. The alley cam accompanied me on the trip unfortunately I am a bad picture taker. I always forget to take them. On our second night I remembered for a few hours and they are all that filled the camera. I'll have to weave a little narrative around what I have.One person who was good at taking photos was Andy May. The ones he took the night before were amazing, hopefully I can show you some in the future. Photo one on my camera was provided by Dan, he found a route to the river behind the over grown trees by our van. After some scratching around through the bramble we got there..

Bottle of Cava on the go, Shier would be proud. What we didn't know then was that this photo's theme would later crop up again and again throughout the night. Many beers later and with Dan and guitar guiding the sing along "Down by the river" got more than one play out. Our second night was bbq night. Here's Frank furnishing the Cougar with some ammo...

The barbecue was soon tamed by the Mighty Cougar..

..while we all waited for our food after a long days skate. We'd been out all day hitting first an old and then a new concrete park and we were hungry, hence photo taking occurring on my behalf. Steve who made our trip possible was perhaps a little surprised by this photo..

..thanks to Steve we had transport down there which doubled up as accomodation too plus a more than patient navigator. Patience had perhaps reached a low for Mr May at this moment..

..the food was top notch. One thing I took away from that meal was that Branston chilli relish is a handy accompaniment. The bar stool which had supported the barbecue later housed a camp fire made of cardboard..

...which nearly got us in a lot of trouble. Camp fires were not allowed and it had to be extinguished. This took us into the tent where a night's entertainment was kicked off by the chef. You have it, the Mighty Cougar...

He started proceedings and everyone got involved with pots and pans and all sorts. I sung like a Hill-billy for a bit and ended up Gospel preaching for some reason. Music went on all night. To hear some of the Cougar in action click below and if you like what you hear go and see the Wonk Unit play this Friday in Kings Cross. Details are on the page..


..It was a good old time. I'd go as far as to speak for everyone and say that Playing place in Truro was skateboarding highlight and it's been there for 40 years apparently. Pin met us at one park with his canine companion Toffee which was nice and unfortunately we just missed the Pizzer's. Well I thought a little tale was owed to you after a brief absence. It was time well spent and thoroughly enjoyed. Hopefully another skate trip can materialise in the not so distant future.

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