Tuesday, 5 August 2008

I don't want stones in my fish

Round 2 at Whitstable. Similar set-up with different clientele. Jonny L (without an H), myself, Dan, Tom, Dawn, Fos, Grace, Claire, Alex and Harry. The weather held off and the 18 mph winds dried any rogue rain. My old board was donated to a local scallywag who did a fakie flip out of the bank for 20p. Ted's van furnished me with mr Freezey ice poles, always opt for the coke flavour is my advice. After a good days skate we took down a fish dinner from Ozzie's fish bar. Cod and chips, a 39p Tizer and Tartare sauce was my dinner, good times. We squeezed in a bowl session before the drive home too sans slush puppie. To make up for the Slush Puppie we expected there was a stop off at the service station. An Appletiser, milky bar and Swizzle stick sherbet dip set me back £2.49 and was by no means as refreshing as the blue slush I craved. If I were to log a complaint about my day I think that would be the only one and if I hadn't known abot the availability of Slush Puppies in the area there wouldn't have been one at all. I think you'll agree that's a pretty good day.
Arrived today to some treats brought in by Saul. Have a gander..

Yeeeah!! Had the cherry war head first thing, super fizzy, so good! Dan had the lemon one. They were good, my kind of confectionery, the fizzier the better. We shared the Twinkie too, I'd never had one. It tasted really bad for you and also really good. Nice one Saul, the other items will be tested tomorrow. These aren't really ghetto snacks but i'm interested in encouraging confectionery entries. Perhaps there should be another comp catering to these, I'm on it. One of my international pals has pretty much won the ghetto snack comp with the photos he sent me aside from us sampling the goods. I think you'll agree this is as trife as it gets..

Don't they look sweet...

Wack them on the spit..

mmmmmm, roast Guineau pig! How appetising. Andres our friend from Ecuador sent us these harrowing images. He tested these rodents on a trip to Ambato. Have a look at how his dinner was served...

Any kind of claw is going to put me off my food. You're a braver man than me Andres that is as ghetto a snack as it gets. He saw smoke coming from a volcano that day too..

What an eventful day! See you tomorrow for the Big Push premiere..

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Josh said...

Jake!....did you see The Dark Knight yet?
Shit was ruckus.
I wish we had a Batman in skateboarding to swing through the streets and sweep 'em clean of the hobgoblin imposters stinking things up these days.
I think you should throw on an old bobby's uniform, pull out your night stick and start bustin some skulls.
I'll fashion a bat-signal into a massive spotlight that will project an image of a Nando's chicken breast into the sky. You'd come flyin in and the day would thusly be saved.

Josh said...
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