Wednesday, 13 August 2008

“Life obliges me to do something, so I paint”

So said Rene Magritte. Painting is what has been going on here today. Painting without artistry I must add, we have been painting over work in fact..

Adrian Blanca's wall of work getting the once over with some emulsion..

...and pretty soon it all disappears?..

The next photo would lead you to believe that this two man job had nearly reached completion..

Once given three coats of emulsion Adrian's indian ink just showed it's way through and dispersed the paint on top. This left a wallpaper type effect so now a polyfilla substance is being applied. I've done the first coat, Luigi's done the second. After a third we should be able to have it painted and ready for tomorrow. What's all this in aid of?...

We are prepping the space for Mark's show tomorrow. The window is up and his work will be up for all to see when the show kicks off at 6 tomorrow evening. Get yourselves down here. The good people at Red Bull will be supplying drinks and Cocktails have been mentioned!! Check out the work downstairs, gather your wings and make your way up and out into London's busy Thursday night. I don't think the Spanish Olympic basketball teams thought this ad would offend their Chinese hosts..

I'm sure they think it's just fine and it will no doubt help Spain's appeal to host the Games in Madrid. Dooot! Saw this comforting van ahead of us on our way to Leigh on Sea the other day..

Think you'll agree that's a banging personalised numer plate. In the foreground you'll see Marley's Sat Nav device which got us where we needed to be. Check out Marley Marl's banging new site. He's had his web space tweaked by our man at Tweaker Gorm Ashurst. Gorm's done some stuff for us too you'll be seeing in the coming months. To get your tweaker fix, glance to your right at the Link me bruv section and click away. To see Dom's new site click below..

"I don't care how liberated this world becomes - a man will always be judged by the amount of alcohol he can consume - and a woman will be impressed, whether she likes it or not."-Doug Coughlin-Cocktail

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