Friday, 15 August 2008

Give him a hand...

...a massive foam hand! There's one of those downstairs. Last night was Mark Wards opening and it went off in here. It was a super good turn out. Inspired by different aspects of American culture and using different mediums Marks show was an interesting one. I'll show you some pictures now but encourage you to come and give the whole thing a good look. Mark showed up in the afternoon to get it all hung..

After the first few pieces were on the wall, getting them straight was not such a daunting task to Mark's relief..

Once it was all done the shop filled up really quickly. Red Bull provided the evenings refreshments which were acquired by joining an amazingly orderly queue..

The girls from Red Bull were managing the busy bar at the other end of it..

Stu and Tom came and had a look..

Same pose in different directions. Stu narrated an amazing BBC style documentary from the outside of the shop to walking in and then downstairs which I filmed. My description won't do it justice. Time isn't on my side today but I'm determined it see the light of day at a later date. The DJ was mixing at warp speed..

Lev and Nugget were holding it down upstairs..

..and it was all a bit of a blur for Seth..

Some sort of narrative makes up for bad camera work? I certainly hope so. It's not every day you can say that you met an absolute legend! I did yesterday. Rushbrooke gave us the heads up in the daytime that Vicky would be bringing Christian Hosoi to the shop. I didn't really process this until later on. My uncle gave me my first skateboard in 1986, along with it were some rectors and a Thrasher from 1985. I think it was the December issue. It had an article about the contest at the Skate ranch in Del Mar. One of the sickest photos in the whole mag was one of Hosoi flying basically. There was no landing going in in my head at the time just the amazing notion that the gift I had been given could make you fly. I met the man yesterday and it was a pleasure. Not every day you get to meet a legend as I said..

not every day you pull a stupid thumbs up face and look constipated either. Rob took a much better Polaroid shot which I prefer, here's a photo of a photo..

An eventful day it was. Christian was stoked to pick up some Slam shirts, I'm sure you'll be seeing more of the man himself and what he's up to in the coming months, an imminent drop of Vans is expected soon too. He had some of the new Hosoi shoes on yesterday. There is no new shoe stock this weekend but we have a bucket load of hardware to get you up and running. Wheels? Hard, soft, big, small. Here are some of the new ones..

All the current Blueprint, Landscape and Heroin boards are back on the wall. There are new Anti Hero boards..

The idiom series has been popular. The TNT "risky business" board is in, two colours, two sizes..

One of my favourites, the still no 2 is back in two colours..

We've had the tramp stamp board in a handful of times. Never the tranny stamp though, the classic eagle is back too...

Few more Krooked boards in. The classic Gonz sweat pants board and a new Bobby Worrest..

There's also a limited edition Krooked Alva board..

Last but not least and to tie it all up are these Alien Workshop spectrum boards. This graphic happens to have been a big influence on Mark Ward who, for those of you with goldfish brains is exhibiting downstairs..

Thanks to Jerome at Shiner for getting this all out to us. He sent us some mags too. Have you heard that Slap is soon to become internet only media. Get your hands on these while they are here. Jensen's in it..

Have I ever told you how much I love my dog?..

My wallet gave up the ghost. It wasn't really a wallet if you must know the truth, more of a purse. A man purse. It contained coins, a bead, a plectrum and a whole lot of useless paper. It accompanied me wherever I went for a long time then the zip bust. Evan Dando wrote a song about how sad he was when he got rid of his old stove. It's called "stove". Maybe I should write one called "my old purse". Maybe not, it made it to the blog I guess. It gets a picture too..

Looks like the sarlacc pit. It's replacement is slightly smaller. It's 6.25 and I'm telling you about my old wallet. You have finished work for the week and probably won't see this till monday. I saw this on the way to the post office *sigh* How apt!

Hope the weather holds out for you.

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