Wednesday, 27 August 2008

"He's fat, he's a dork, and I'm awesome"

Watched this with my brother last night..

..funny stuff! Take my word for it, I was creasing up. Henry isn't backing it however. It has feel good factor nine. Nothing like a comeback movie. Another flick I took down upon my return which was funny and also provided the onions as Ray would say was..

Thouroghly reccomended! The Linguini I had from Zizzi yesterday was off the chain. Rob is angling for a repeat performance today with his two for one vouchers. Tiger prawns! Look to your right and click the Tweaker zine link, there's a brand new issue out! Any Hold steady news always makes the Alley, apologies t those of you not feeling it. Dan was offended yesterday that his new album purchase didn't make the inter-web. It earnt it's place on here with complaint or praise following it for being on the wireless 6 times in a row! Dan's backing..

..there's even talk of lil' Dave being erased and filled with only this album so it gets a decent play out on his travels. Dan's also excited about the soon to be released Oasis box set. I told you Andy May was the photo master on our little trip we just took. Here's an example of some long exposure, torch flash drawing that went on. Steve took position and I drew him a Diplodocus steed with a torch..

..there's a snack fest on the horizon. As you may have gathered if you were to look on the Slam news page any new product will be beamed to you via this blog. Orders may best be place by calling 0870 420 4146. Forgotten what you're doing tonight already? Let me remind you...

..see you in the pit

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the doors from wigan!