Saturday, 16 August 2008

"I'd shave my face into clark gable's...

..but i wouldn't be at my best
i do my talking at coffee tables
i like a setting sun in the west"

Yes Herman! Not many skate shops have a Herman Dune doodle on the ceiling..

and I doubt many have a UK board wall that looks as good as this..

not only is the UK wall well stocked, there's a lot of choice on the US wall too..

Luigi's just done the KFC run, lured by the adverts, everyone wants a piece. In Luigi's words "KFC does it. When it does it, it does it!" This is what we have to look forward to...the insane fast food high that only certain establishments can provide, I'm not going to consider the low, that cheap cheated feeling. It's been long enough, i'm excited about my happy food. This is what's on the cards...

Who wants a meal deal offer that uses the word rod? Apparently all of today's four shop workers. I'll let you know how we get on. Here are are a few more teasers for Mark's show downstairs. The massive foam hand I told you about..

This guy is guarding the bottom of our stair well. Here's a Ronald Mc Donald piece continuing today's fast food theme..

Mark's show was made possible by us as hosts obviously and also by the support of the good folk over at Crooked Tongues. Charlie and Gary pointed out that this is the first time in a long time that our two logos sat side by side. Hopefully this isn't an isolated incident and you will see us both sharing a bill in the not so distant future. If you aren't familiar with what Crooked Tongues are all about, here's your chance to get familiar...

No junior spesh on today's menu. Step Brothers is one of the funniest films ever made though I'm yet to see Pineapple express. Looking forward to Hellboy 2

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