Sunday, 31 August 2008

"I ain't your scout. And we sure ain't no damn militia"

Here's the second trailer for Joe Perrin's Last of the Mohicans dvd hence the Hawkeye quote above.

There's a box heading our way from the States as we speak so I'll keep you in the loop as to when it shows up, I know it's left already. The top two floors of our local battle cruiser were ablaze a night ago. There's no photos of the flames but here's a photo in the pubs honour..

Dan said it was pretty gnarly. I was at the Wonk show at the time. The top floor and the floor below are stripped bare and the windows are now black holes. Some fire people were still clearing debris while we ordered drinks, in true British tradition the show went on. Thought I'd let you know, it's not every day there's a fire. Outside another public house in the East end I saw Lev's new whip. Feeling that a regular bike offers less Jazz upgrade potential he opted for this head turner..

Think I'm going to take in a viewing of this tonight with my brother..

Been looking forward to it for ages but it's taken a while getting round to going. One brand that does well for us in here is ..

..Toby Shuall's head space is everywhere in here, on the racks, on the wall even on old bits of wood and upside down spaces you'd never think to look at. All of Toby's new shirts will arrive soon as well as an adventurous hoody. Jewellery is expected again before the year is out too. If you are new to Toby's world and what his company is all about here's some text I lifted from his site..

Suburban Bliss is an independent clothing label based and started in London.
It began in Suburban London in my parent’s house but was conceived in
northern California. The company itself is inspired and influenced by nature,
music,art, friendship, love, dreams and independence from the ever increasingly
controlled world that we live in. The main aim of the label is to put new imagery onto
clothing and other stuff. Largely featuring my work and others like Nicola Pecoraro,
Fergadelic, French, Jethro Haynes, Nik Taylor and Simon Peplow the images
and themes are ever evolving as the company is itself.

If this hasn't satisfied your curiosity visit his site yourself. Click below and look around..

I'm telling you all this so you attend the sale Toby has arranged for you..

..all the details are there for you. It's happening next saturday and I'll remind you nearer the time. Get down there and pick yourself up some bargains. Sampai jumpa lagi. That's Indonesian for see you later. See you later

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