Thursday, 21 August 2008

Carry on camping

It's my regular day off today and I'm preparing to get in one of these in the a.m..

..and drive to..

A long weekend in Cornwall! It's going to be sick and hopefully will involve skating new places each day. There's a good crew. Dan, myself, Steve, Maysford, the Cougar and Frank. There's talk of skating the Plymouth park pre pitching up. Can't wait, that reminds me I need to find my Harmonica-this is a necessary camp site accessory. This computer dislikes my phones bluetooth meaning I can't bring you pictures of Neil and Chalky from last night at Neil's birthday bash. You'll have to wait until next week I'm afraid. Steve's camper has a fridge, a freezer, a cooker and beds but no wireless internet access! I'm going to leave the alley alone for four days, such sweet sorrow. Hopefully this trip will involve seeing Alex "Pin" "Wack the fog on" Osborne and also Chris "nice coat that jacket" Pulman et famille. If I do stumble across a computer on my travels maybe a random post is conceivable. What did I have for lunch yesterday?..

The best food ever! If it wasn't such a new eatery I'd happily believe it was the inspiration for this artists act..

Such a split vote. It gets a lot of hate or indifference. I wish every one could see the joy it brings. My tip is to always get three wings. They were perfect yesterday, a little bit crispy. Another tip is don't be scared to try that steak roll. It's really good. Rob has come through with the two for one zizzi offers recently. Meatball calzone for £4.50! Gunshot! Oh yeah there's a new Benji's style place on Neal's street. It's next to Carhartt. Cheese and ham croissant-£1.25. I told everyone about it but never tried it myself. Jackson said it was a bit greasy, greasy maybe but still £1.25, cheaper than the marmite bagel. A new day is dawning. I'm going to pack some clothes in a bag and ready myself for the road trip. Hope you fill the bank holiday weekend with fun

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