Friday, 28 November 2008

"All art is quite useless"

Art heavy posts of late. I searched for a good quote to head up this post and came up with that one from Oscar Wilde. I wanted an art based quote to lead me in to telling you about Nick Jensen's show next Friday. I wouldn't leave that quote alone that way .It isn't my belief and I wouldn't have thought it his. I'll counter balance it with another one from Wilde..."all art is immortal" This still doesn't lead me straight into the Jensen show. Try this one out..
"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures"-Henry Ward Beecher
Nick has been dipping his brush in his own soul for the last year to bring you this show entitled "A years work" Here's the front of the flyer..

and these are the details..

Come by to pick up a flyer and be sure to bookmark Nick's site..

Mad product has shown up for you this weekend. I'm going to scratch the surface and show you some hot picks, Jackson has been updating the site with the freshest stuff today and yesterday. We have the new Thrasher DVD..

The board wall looks good..

I'm backing this next Mike Carrol and so is Peter Lee..

.."Dial the seven digits,call up bridget,Her mans a midget" We have mad Spitty's for you, all the regular white ones and these colourful Christmas pieces..

We sold four Zig Zaggers today.!! Chrimbo cruisers, we have this Krooked Chris Miller guest board with a proper Chris Miller nose this picture does no justice..

There is a great selection of Alien and Habitat boards and these two Black Label boards also..

The Hensley board was drawn by Fos and I thought I'd grab a couple of the Cardiel "snuff" guest boards as there were already a fair few Anti-Hero boards in the pile. Here is a special gift from Cardiel to Slam City Skates from his short stay here..

Nexr a picture I saved for you from last Sunday. Rob with his favourite grip assistant..

If you're in and you want some fireworks check out the Rob Grip technique with the Girl tape..

See you in the midst of the Christmas rush

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