Wednesday, 12 November 2008


That's right Shag, Martin's been beavering away at his editing desk to bring you his feature length. We have a showing of this for you on Saturday..

It promises to be good. The time of the showing is subject to change but the date is fixed, locked down, it's happening! Ravenous features full parts from Danny Beall, Liam Sproat, Shaun Currie-the project's poster boy, Louis Slater and Timmy Garbett. There will be plenty of appearances from others too, Baines and Jerome are in there. There is also a section from London's very own..

That's right kids the Waywards are all up in here. The Palace has housed Martin on his visits to the big smoke. If you can't wait until then to see some Palace action then you need to visit their now fully operational web space. You'll get to see the trailer and may stumble upon some Theotis Beasley footage. Bookmarks at the ready...

This ongoing project will be filled as My Skate Or Die was so always remember to pay The Waywards a visit. Sometimes Jackson forgets just how hardcore he is. We don't...

The old on the phone duck from Quackson..

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