Friday, 21 November 2008

Syndicate session

You got some images on the news yesterday of the after party Vans, Document and ourselves threw for you. Today as promised I'll bring you some pictures of what it was all in aid of. Our window invites you in..

The exhibition runs up until the start of January so you have time to come in for a look. I'll give you a little look though. Here's the main wall downstairs..

The counter has had the Vans treatment..

As has the rest of the shop..

This all coincides with the launch of the new Syndicate range which is now here and ready for you to purchase..

Here are some pictures from the night. I gave up taking them fairly early on because there was a lot happening. These are the images I was faced with when I looked back at the photos. Here's one of Seth and Seb..

Contrasting colourways going on there. There were a lot of bikes locked up in here that night. Here's a picture of Tom and Andy who is one of London's leading bike suppliers and has made a bike for Vans of late..

Maybe Fergus should go and see him, look what happens when you lock your bike outside the London Graphic Centre..

Ray and Rob were holding it down..

Toddy came along despite having to ride the wagon which he did all night...admirable..

It looks like Seth's getting a foot massage in that one. Hops and Hoppy share a bench..

Finally as I have said once before the Litmus test of any good event...Ash. Does this look like the face of somebody whose place of employment has recently shut down?..

The answer is yes. Ash is having a whale of a time.The smallest Baron was here in spirit. Here's a picture of Ruby steady repping Slam..

The Macbeth party was packed, they were turning people away. The exhibition and night got some good press in the London Lite..

I was called out on a recent post. Sanna asked where all the girls were. I apologise for the lack of documentation but it's not always the easiest thing to do. You'll have to take my word for it...there were girls here and John Cardiel was here too. Phew that felt like a lot of photos this end. We have good hardware for you this weekend. Amongst it are a full clip of Landscape wheels..

and all the newest boards..

Our favourite dog owner will be on the big screen tomorrow.. will the rest of the boys. I'm pretty sure everyone on the team will be in attendance with the exception of Snowy who is travelling the world. Make sure you get yourselves here to buy your Landscape Horizons tickets. I expect to see some Alan Glass Kicks Ass shirts...

See you then. I have some preview flicks of Fred Bennet's aerodynamic designs for you tomorrow.

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