Saturday, 22 November 2008

"Each success..

..only buys an admission ticket to a more difficult problem.”-Henry Kissinger
Hopefully you've bought your admission ticket to tonight's Landscape premiere and the only difficult problem you encounter today is deciding wether to take in the 6.45 or 7.45 showing. Many new faces have come through the door today which is always nice to see. Get a ticket here or on the door..

New hoods came through the door last thing yesterday. The summer of 88 print on our newly re-vamped heavyweight sweats with the good cuffs. They come in two colours, for a day or so this is a Jakes Alley exclusive-instore only item. They'll hit the site on Monday. There's a purple..

and a black..

There's the heads up on new product, what's new in Fred Bennet's world? He has a bike now so once sporadic visits are a little more regular. He brought it in yesterday and he had a new disc in the back wheel. Apparently it's much more aerodynamic. "I made it myself" he was quick to let us know. "What's it made out of?" I asked. " You know that stuff real estate signs are made of? It's kind of like that" Translated this means that it's made out of a real estate sign Fred acquired on his travels. Here's a preview so you can keep on the lookout for the Bennet-mobile on road. Here's the Pacman piece..

and the teen angst flip-side..

Yes Fred! He keeps it pretty real but needs to work on quotes under pressure. For the select few of you in the loop as to who Vinny is this will make some sense. Tickler knows what's up in this regard. He told us he'd seen Ironman recently. This is basically like Charlie going to the chocolate factory. I could tell by the excitement in his voice this has broadened his technological horizons somewhat. Keep those eyes peeled for a Pacman disc and a flying man suit. Luigi just brought Rob back a can of coke he'd dropped quite hard. Usually you'd expect a fizz but tap it a few times before opening it. Rob's can was actually bubbling and leaking. Good luck today Shier, see the rest of you at Leicester Square

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