Thursday, 6 November 2008

Open for business

It seems my last post caused some confusion. The upset which prompted me to write was caused by the shop my friends work in closing down. I assure you we are open, I'm sitting in the shop typing this. I just sold a pair of shoes and prior to that I carried the ten cases of free beer we have for you downstairs. The beer is for this..

and was kindly donated to the event by all time good lad Ben Joseph. Come along and enjoy the programming and the beverages. We have new product for you. Shoes first of all. Two new half cabs..

The Caballero colourway has some nice touches. Check out the in-sole..

Jackson, myself and Toddy remembered back to yester year this tuesday night just passed. We could have employed this in-sole as a topical beer mat. These suede authentics turned up..

That azure piece in the foreground is amazing. The colourway is blue jewel. They all look really good, you should come in and handle a pair. The last two new shoes are these..

The chukka low is a Keegan Sauder model and the shoe behind is a TNT 4. That's a good grip of new footwear. Some Vans clothing showed up too. Mike missed out on these fold up beanies..

The AVE flannel shirts always go down a storm in here. We have two new colours. This subtle blue one..

and a bolder colourway in the same check..

All of this stock will be live and availabe for you on the site before the day is done. Three backpacks came in, they are only £29.95. Here are the three colours. A big check..

and a smaller check..

This also comes in a brighter format..

There's a brand new Bobby Worrest cardboard cut out downstairs. I'll show you him tomorrow when the new hardware shows up. You know what's stinking my life up right now? These two packets..

Somebody left their joss sticks here. They're stinking it up in a good way, I like the smell. If they're yours come and collect them. If they're not yours but you want them anyway come and collect them. I'll give them to anybody. Gifts arrived from Mark Harman today, good gifts. Meet my breakfast..

Five gummy slices of goodness. A Luigi like character on the box too. These pieces are a sweet reminder of the playground..

The last two killed it...

The Electroshocks were amazing, we had one each. They contain just the right amount of fizz. The berry Mike and Ike's were enjoyed too. If you've watched ButteryAss mondays of late you'd recognise them a filming device for a new generation. Thanks for my breakfast Mark. Lunch was un-inspired-cheese sandwich and tomato soup. See you here for some beers

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