Sunday, 23 November 2008

"We eat fish..

..tossed salads and make rap ballads" Enjoyed last night's video premiere.I have no pictures for you apart from these two. The two heaviest hitters were in attendance. Good seeing Pizzoid back behind the counter with some new media to peruse..

"Two strange things have happened this morning, the moon's out and Tamsin's wearing glasses!" This was an exclamation from Pin the day after Chris was married. Nothing is stranger than seeing Pin with his new acquisition. It wasn't long ago that Pin didn't have a bank account. Now he's running an iphone! He's checking the weather here..

If it told him good news ahead it was lying.The premiere was rammed. If you happened to miss it and can't wait till it comes out in two weeks do not fear. Alley cam caught the whole thing...

That pesky Dr Thermos must have been drinking in the same spots as me last night, he'd caught some reaches..

Seth and Bev-Congratulations! Luigi with the gammy stomach-Get well soon!

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