Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Keep it nappy or braided up..

..Dirty in the cockpit, blazin' up" My pod got bumped up yesterday. Fifty percent is hiphop now hence the headline. DJ White Owl has pimped out the noises greeting my ears each morning. I have plugged my pod in here and so far we have had The Doors, The only ones. Gene Clark and Dire Straits. It's saving up the new tunes or holding them back at least, it's a fickle machine. Hopefully the can of soup inspired some lunches yesterday. Maybe not in Paul Brabenec's case, check the Heinz display in his local supermarket..

the all new Heinz rat in a can. Stinkos! It's not going to put me off some soup at lunch time, I've been tipped off about an all you can eat Steak restaurant. I'll let you know more as I do. Another Ozzie pal of ours will feature today. Congratulations to a newly married Andrew Brophy. How do you think Brophy's doing? He's flying man..

Freshly back from NY Rob has been an un-stoppable creative force. Flying Brophy is just one of his projects. Also under the glass of the counter is Brophy focussing Jensen using mind power..

The second this was put in place Rob and I heard the noise of Koston's mind power freak out on the metal edge ledge in Fully Flared rise up from downstairs. Speaking of Koston have you been visiting The Berrics on the regular. If not you should. First of all ButteryAss Mondays is the best thing out there, get your Homeland security on! Secondly Dvs' The Battle Of The Berrics has started and the results may be surprising. Check it out..


Shier's game of Skate is pitched against Clint Peterson. Shier is a tricky one in a game of Skate, he has secret heelflips and the dreaded rewind selector. Looking forward to seeing it. What other crafty objects has Rob littered the shop with? The ninja turtles are complete. Donatello was missing but now there's a full set..

The last piece I'll bring to your attention is a tribute to the Slugger boys who'll be coming into town soon to show the Ravenous dvd Martin's made. The picture is from their guilty by association, Slugger on the wall..

More about Ravenous tomorrow. Have a wonderful Tuesday

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