Sunday, 9 November 2008

Gumtree facility

The advertising facility I granted Will Harmon has paid off. The wanted ad he placed for some lost media spent a week rattling around the inter-web before a reply came from Lec. I happened to be checking my google mail account to see it as Will Harmon was stood in front of me. This is the lost page..

Will we have more good news for you. Lec just dropped off the whole mag for you so start rooting around for that reward. I had a good day yesterday. I got to skate with Jackson, he reckons that's skate three but I'm pretty sure it's the sixth time we've skated together. I watched this the other night..

It has a good soundtrack. You all know me by now, that is not a good review. The film did make me determined to always focus on the dopeness. We just had a trio of kids in. They liked the Obama pillar. The youngest kept calling him BA Barrackas Obama. His mother told him it was Barrack, this made him say BA Barrackas a whole lot more which we all found funny but he soon had to leave. Hoppy gave me a dope ACG lazer cut jacket today, this is going to be my new skate jacket. I have tomorrow off, having checked the grim weather forecast it looks like a day indoors. Fopp on the way home it is.

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