Sunday, 9 November 2008

"My old man had a philosophy..

... Peace means having a bigger stick than the other guy."-Tony Stark
Good quote that from a great film, it's relevance? Guess who came in today to buy an Altamont Brian Herman jacket and a Vans beanie..

That's right kids, Ironman shops in Slam! I kid you not. A few items greeted me when I checked my inbox I thought I'd bring to your attention. Will Harmon week continues with an interview. Will has been busy acquiring photos with Dom Marley for a little while now. I fired some questions over to Will and the result is his interview which made it's way on to the Tweaker site today. The interview's sick, the ollie up then three sixty flip reminds me of the old Huf one, Will has good photo's. I think the Frontside flip is missing some kind of walk like an Egyptian caption perhaps. You'll see what I mean and you will also learn about his diet. Peep the interview here..

If you fancy getting hold of some Dom Marley prints for your homestead pay Vetika a visit..

Have a shop around on there, there's loads of good stuff. Perhaps you noticed that the words on Dom's site were also penned by me, I'll make the shameless self promotion a triple whammy and direct you to a third site. Check out Jackson's music site. The notch section contains footage from all of his excursions. I was lucky enough to join him on one of them this Saturday and you can see the fun we had here..

Click on the England shirt at the bottom of the page and you'll get a tour of Rochester skate park. Enjoy these three sites, there's plenty of browsing for a busy Monday morning

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