Wednesday, 19 November 2008

"Life is like video footage..

..hard to edit" How true the words of the Wu often are. I got to grips with imovie last night. I'd never used any type of editing program. I know everything is self explanatory but I ran into more than a couple of problems. In the end I splashed out on Quicktime player pro just to get it done, some problem with AVI files....I know, who cares? Why am I still talking about it? To cut a long story short, shorter than it would have been if I'd carried on about the AVI's. Charlie, Seth and Olly went skating yesterday. They took the Alley cam along and I put this together. If you notice a slight shudder at the start of some clips it's just the "Fulfill the Dream" influence shining through not my obvious incompetence...

Hope you enjoyed that tour of Cantelowes. Olly is threatening another tour of a London park in the next few weeks. I'll get reading up on how to use imovie before then. See you tonight..

It's shaping up for you as I type this.

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